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Croatia Si Slovenia 9 Zile Autocar 2022 Belgrad, Belgrade

Croatia Si Slovenia 9 Zile Autocar 2022 Belgrad

Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

    • Bus (05/15 - 10/10/2022)
      Departures in date: 06/05, 06/26, 07/10, 07/31, 08/14, 08/28, 09/11, 10/02
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      Last booking: 04/28/2022

    Adriatic Tur Circuit Autocar 2022, Belgrade

    Adriatic Tur Circuit Autocar 2022

    Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

      • Bus (05/13 - 10/16/2022)
        Departures in date: 10/07
      Marele Tur Al Balcanilor Circuit Autocar 2022, Belgrade

      Marele Tur Al Balcanilor Circuit Autocar 2022

      Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

        • Bus (05/27 - 10/29/2022)
          Departures in date: 05/27, 10/20
        Circuit 6 Zile Croatia - Serbia - Muntenegru, Belgrade

        Circuit 6 Zile Croatia - Serbia - Muntenegru

        Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

          • Bus (06/24 - 08/16/2022)
            Departures in date: 06/24, 08/11

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          Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is situated at the confluence of the River Sava and the Danube - two international waterways - where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkan. Also, the city is located along the European corridors X and VII. With a population of 1,710,000 (according to official estimates from 2007) residents, including citizens living temporarily abroad, Belgrade is the largest city in the former Yugoslavia, the third of the Danube, after Budapest and Vienna third in south-eastern Europe, after Istanbul and Athens - Bucharest is not located in the southeast, but rather in Central Europe.

          Recommendations for travel Belgrade

          Historic buildings and areas of Belgrade are among the city's leading attractions. Among these are Skadarlija, National Museum and National Theater nearby, Zemun, Nikola Pasic Square, Terazije, Students Square, the Kalemegdan Fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, Parliament, Saint Sava Temple, the Old Palace. In addition, there are many parks, monuments, museums, cafes, restaurants and shops on both sides of river. Unknown Hero Monument hilltop Avala allows a panoramic view over the city. Josip Broz Tito's mausoleum, called Kuća cveća (House of Flowers), and nearby parks, and Košutnjak Topčider are also known, especially among visitors from the former Yugoslavia.
          Beli Dvor or 'White Palace', house Karadjordjević royal family, is open to visitors. The palace has many valuable works signed by Rembrandt, Nicolas Poussin, Sebastien Bourdon, Paolo Veronese, Antonio Canaletto, Biagio D'Antonio, Giuseppe Crespi, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Ivan Mestrovic and others.

          Ciganlija Ada is a former island on the Sava River and the largest sports and recreational complex in Belgrade. Today it is connected with the shore, creating an artificial lake on river. This is the most popular destination for Belgraders during the city's hot summers. Beaches stretch over a distance of 7 km and there are sports facilities for various sports including golf, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, baseball, and tennis. During the summer there are between 200,000 and 300,000 recreational people a day. Clubs nonstop, by organizing live music and overnight beach parties. You can practice extreme sports like bungee jumping, skiing and paintball. There are numerous trails on the island, it is possible to ride a bike, walking or jogging. Apart from Ada, Belgrade has total of 16 islands on rivers, many still unused. Among them, the Great War Island at the confluence of the Sava River, is presented as a genuine oasis of wild (especially birds). These areas, along with nearby Small War Island, are protected by the city government as nature reserves.